8 Reasons Why Adults Need Vaccination

Vaccine-preventable diseases do not just affect kids

Many adults believe they do not need immunisation. Some have the impression that vaccination is only for kids and they have had their share of jabs years ago. Therefore, they are not about to get any more shots.
Unfortunately, nothing could be further than the truth. Many adults do not realise that even if they had been vaccinated during childhood, the immunity they gained would have worn off over time, thus making them vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases. They may fall sick or, worse still, infect their families and friends. So it is best to get the facts straight right now.


1.   More adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) than motor traffic accidents every year in the USA.
x1002.   Unlike children, adults are 100 times more likely to die from VPDs.
syringes3.   Adults who missed their childhood vaccinations or booster shots can still suffer and spread certain ‘childhood diseases’ (eg chicken pox, whooping cough, and rubella).
words4.   You can catch VPDs from sex, travelling, certain outdoor activities, food & drinks and even working with animals!
senior couple5.   Ageing increases your risk of infection along with more severe symptoms or complications.
EEG heart6.   You may have a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease that puts you at a higher risk of infection or disease complications.
virus7.   You cannot develop effective immunity against certain viruses or bacteria that are constantly changing; more so as one grows older.
med8.   Some diseases cannot be cured; it is better to prevent them with immunisation.